This is Noble. My Herdsire. He is dapper. And a gentle soul. And I love him. He stinks to high heaven right now. And if the wind blows just right, I can smell him in the house. :( Its funny in some ways, not so funny when i'm heading out the door to a client meeting. ugh! You cannot get that smell off of you. Its a musky, waxy odor, and they say a true goat breeder loves that smell. And i do... sort of. It's a love hate kind of thing. Hard to explain.

A few months ago i almost lost him (old posts here). And now to see him in action is just wonderful. He comes from Glades Ridge Nubians in North Florida. His full name is Glades Ridge Noble Justice. And i got him by pure luck and nicety on the part of the breeder. Joe. (old story here).

His pedigree is out of some good stuff. His dam is Noah & Company CM Peanut Chew. She is producing on DHI top 10% of Florida. His sire is Amberwood Vision's Champion. And his dam is also a DHI High producer. I'm pretty sure i'll be swimming in milk next year if we ever get some doelings out of him.

For those that are wondering about DHI. It means Dairy Herd Improvement. Thru the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) dairy does milk a certain time frame and the milk is weighed and officially entered into a database. I believe the official time frame is 305 days. And the weight of the milk is what sets them all apart. Lactation timeline, quality of the milk. Butterfat content. All very important parts of breeding and passing this "milkability" onto the next generations.

As such Noble's dam, and grand dam on both sides of his pedigree are proven milkers.

Amberwood Dairy Goats
was the home of Hallcienda's Frosty Marvin. And is Noble's 4 th generation grand sire. I wonder if it works like it does with horses. and 5 generations still matter in the pedigree lineup. Frosty Marvin is like the Secretariat of goats. He is the Goat of all goats...

None the less, I was very lucky to get him. And almost blew it when he was at deaths door last month. But he bounced back. And then some. Look at his neck. WOW. it just tripled in size since coming into rut.

Best of all he's a gentleman with the ladies. Last night was his first time with Delilah and he literally took hours to woo her. She on the other hand was a pistol to him and he took it like a true gentleman should. Groveling and begging for her to please relent. :) ha!

So, we are back in the waiting game. OY! I hope not to repeat my behavior and worry like I did last year. you can read that saga, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Take note 155 days from today we should be having some babies... Cross your fingers for me, hoping to get some doelings.


  1. He's magnificent!
    Good luck with your herd building.

  2. THANK YOU! i do love him. and all his stinkiness.


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