KIDDED!!!! finally.....

These guys are 48 hours old.

I let mom come in and say hi.
I pull the babies at birth and i bottle feed them
After milking mom.
See mom's udder? malshaped. Edema.
This is how i'm milking mom. Pretty pathetic. But will have to do
for now. She and I are getting the hang of it. I sit on the floor on the
towel. And we seem to be getting more milk in the jug and less on the floor


I kidded. and not without its share of problems. Hooeeey to all who said not to worry it be a breeze. One came out ok. on its own but at one point i did grabb the two front legs and he never hit the ground. but he didn't start breathing till i swung him a bit.

The second one came out breech. and just two legs in there. So i had to go in a check if there was a head or not. The third one came out one head one leg and stuck. I had to push him back in and then search for the other leg.


All boys! grrrr! and i wanted a girl so bad.

Everyone is healthy. Mom is on 6cc of pennicillan G for three days or more. Just in case. I was clean. I had some soapy water with Chlorox handy i kept washing with, but you never know. so Penn just in case of infection.

I thought i might have broken one of their ribs. But they all seem fine.

Momma and I learned to milk. And it didn't start off too well. More milk on me than the jug. Her udder is hard with edema. And i do think Mastitis is starting on the other side. I tested it using CMT and it came up slightly positive.

Things are a bit rough around here right now. I'm exhausted. I'm still feeding a friends goats. My animals are getting the short end of not enough hours in the day. I don't know how those with a dairy and dropping 40 kidds can do it.


what a week. Riki's service was friday night. We kidded Friday day. LOL... Another sign? As a matter of fact three of Riki's friends all kidded on Friday.

Off to nap some more!

OH!!! Goodness Gracious? that is the name of my new farm name.


All the babies that i register will start with the Goodness Gracious (then their name). Cool!

Next stop? Oreo is due soon. But i haven't a clue when. And i'm not going to stress over it. It will happen when it happens. :)


  1. see? i told you! these lil guys are your helicopter! lol

    i am SOOOOOO dadgum glad they are finally here!!!!

    congrats!................grandma! lol

  2. oh my gosh! This is the third blog i surfed into that had the kids in the house..so funny! Hubby and I were born and raised in the city/burbs but moved to the country from 1990-2000. We had no livestock, but i always wanted goats and sheep. My husband declined, saying he would wake up in the morning only to find that i had brought them all in and they were sleeping in the living room lol. Love your blog!!!! Congrats on the babies, theyre too cute!


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