Twidlin' Thumbs

Pulling my hair out. Watching the clock. Pacing the floor. Crossing my fingers. Pick one! I'm doing it all.

These girls are starting to wear on my last nerve. (oh wait thats another one).... They were due to kid on Saturday. Of course, NOW i realize my math must be off. OR worse, i forgot to write down a day when i put them together. Because she is close to kidding i know it. damn it.

I'll know for sure tomorrow.

How can i explain. well tomorrow will be the 155th day of gestation based on my August 15,16,17,18 breeding days. those 4 days I had Noble and Delilah together. Tomorrow January 15 will be the last of that window. goat can kid anywhere from 145 to 155 days. 150 being the norm. So I either screwed up the dates, or Delilah enjoys all this attention, alfalfa, good eats, warm molasses, and is milking it for all its worth.

So while i'm twiddling away and taking pics of nothing of importance, I figured would blog about it.

Items needed to get ready for the birthing process.

1. Booties by the door. very important so when you run out there in a panic, you can stumble over them, thereby putting them on.

2. a baby monitor- UTMOST importance. Otherwise you will be doing #1 20 times a night. ( this is a pretty cool one -Fisher Price baby monitor, you can hear them chewing their cud its so sharp). Though i must say i turn it down when i try to sleep. Otherwise, you get brewster crowing in your ear at 4 am.

3. a kidding pen all set up. Of course, it will probably move to my bedroom but for now its in the garage.

4. The stuff. My falling apart wheelbarrow with a tarp and towels to whisk them away in. Lots of paper towels. All the birthing things you could possibly NOT need. Like iodine for the navel dip. Towels. probios. Selenium. Scissors. oh heck. i just threw everything i could think of in those bins. It's sitting in the feed room just waiting to be carted to the birthing stall.

5. A clean birthing stall. I just cleaned out a corner and put a light in it. Clean shavings and some soft alfalfa to eat. Not lay on. They aren't listening. $17 a bale. Its not for sleeping on.

6. The pacing husband. He is just outside the wall of the stall. and he really is pacing. But i think it has more to do with not gettin any nookie rather than what is really going on in there. But none the less a cry or two from him periodically makes it more real.

7. Help. Or an audience. Well... i have neither. Even after 4 days of this the chickens aren't even paying attention any more. At first they were facing the action. Now it's like we are disturbing them. AS IF....Mom stopped calling. Neighbors stopped calling. I cried wolf on Saturday, so now i think they think i'm making it all up. :)

8. WINE- oh man if you don't have anything else you need this. Trust me!

9. Milk- Got that! just don't have the kids yet. Actually just in case i have some colustrum in the fridge. Based on the size of her udder probably won't be needing it.

10. one pregnant goat.

11. phone- you've all seen one of those before. but it now has everyone i can think of on speed dial.

So that's pretty much where we stand. She is moaning, and groaning. She is talking to her kids. She is eating and looking good. I've called a few friends thinking the worst, but i'm assured this is normal. They kid when they kid. I on the other hand hope its soon, i'm not sure i can take much more of this. Hopefully, pictures of kids forthcoming.

Wish Me Luck!


  1. i have chewed my thumbnail nearly to the nub waiting on your girls to do their thing! i can only imagine what you're going thru! keep us posted!

  2. is it soup yet????

    and i know you don't wanna here this..but the 7 random facts faerie has tagged you again! details on my blog! LOL


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