Say HELLO to Noble.

My, my how things happen. Last month i put samson down. So sad. It was that saturday morning that when checking my email, did i recieve one from a friend up in lake butler. He proclaimed he had a buck for me. Woohoo. and did i want him? I did. And it was just such a special, nice thing to do. He could have probably sold him for a whole bunch of money, but for me a very reasonable price.

So from the time samson was gone, i had this little one on my mind. What to call him? and where to put him? and do i really want a buck? So many questions.

The name Noble came from the unlikliets of sources. The man that came to pick up samsons body, his name was Noble. what a neat name. I had never heard of it before. And thought it just felt right to name the new guy noble. SO his full registered name is Glades Ridge Noble Justice.

Noble is now 4 weeks old. HE of course, is living in the kitchen. And is with me 24/7. For at least the next month. Or until he can stay outside on his own. He is getting 11-16oz 3 times day of goats milk. 40oz a day. give or take... The first two days were a bit difficult. BUt the minute it clicked that i am food. And he was hungry. The bottle feedings are fast and easy. No scours. No cramping. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Yesterday, I took him to get tattoed Over at Riki's house. I couldn't handle the crying and had to walk away. Thanks to Riki and her hubby. Otherwise, i might have passed out. They tattoo in the ear. Right side/ and left side. And as he grows you won't be able to see it except to put a lite up under it.

So... Meet Noble...

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