no kids yet!!

I'm so not a happy camper. Firstly, because i obviously can't ADD. Secondly, I probably didn't see the actual commingling. January 27 is the next due date. And well?

Breed Dates:
August 15-18
August 30
Sept 15-18
Sept. 22-Till December 30...

This last timeframe i figured they had been bred. Noble wasn't interested in doing the deed. And they all so enjoyed hanging out together that i just kept them together.


gestation Calculators abound. I like using Karin Christensens site for her calculator.
Neat site allround for goats. check it out. imagecyte.com

so back to the dates. the gestation calculator takes into account the date bred. the dates from 150 days. and so on.. giving you your target date.

gestation Calculator

goats can go 145-155 days. 150 being the average.

August 30 = Jan. 27

Sept 15-18= Feb. 12-15

Sept. 22= Feb. 19

Anything after this? i'm just going to shoot myself!!


  1. ohh my head hurts and i may be getting an ulcer over these girls of yours! i cannot begin to imagine how YOU must be feeling!
    at least we'll be having some warmer weather when the little demons finally deign to grace us with their presence!

  2. I'm over it!! though i have to say i just turned down doing to desoto county fair this past weekend, i didn't want to be too far from home. :(

    Next year i will surely write it down to the day/minute!!!

  3. *holding my head and moaning a little*

    anything yet?


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