Rodneys' Hawk?


For old Hawk Story,  CLICK HERE

And his release. CLICK HERE

He's a youngin. Look at the beak color.

Don't think this is a red shouldered. Need to confirm.
I'd like to think that Rodney's HAWK came for a visit today, I can't say for sure.
Rodney's story is above on that link.

Today, this hawk wouldn't budge. HE stuck around for an hour or so. Billy taking pictures. Me taking pictures. He just sat there. I immediately thought OMG could it be Rodney's HAWK???? Cause he's awfully friendly towards people. I mean stranger things have happened right?

Could be. This is a youngin. Though the coloring looked a bit different from the one we had in our care. As they age possibly the coloring changes too.

Never the less, VERY cool. Not often to get a picture this close up of one. :)

All these trees are dead in this corner. Always afraid they will drop on neighbor's.

On a windy day, I always get nervous a tree is going to fall. I have a few dead ones from last hurricanes bringing in the pine bore beetle. :( They are insipid and kill everything in its path. I know i have them, you can see their handiwork. LUCKILY, this one fell into the bamboo. I'm always afraid it going to hit the tarp. EEEK.

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