Remember that Hawk?

I wrote about a hawk rodney my neighbor, found, click here to see those pictures and story.

Well, we have a happy ending (to a dreadful weekend). And a happy beginning for that hawk. Or middle. Surely, not end. He got a new lease on life.
Mark over at McCarthy Wildlife Sanctuary kept him for about a month. and then called to say he'd be releasing it at Okeeheelee park this past weekend. They have this REALLY cool Nature center where Mark speaks. (i highly recommend going if in the area). And what a great speaker he is. Kept my attention. Kept little kids attentions. How hard to do both. I know, i've tried. It's either one or the other. Rare to keep a whole roomful of parents and kids in attention. Way to go Mark...

Anyway.... back to the release.

Or let me back up a bit. Rodney was invited to go listen to Mark give his presentation that he's famous for. He spoke about all kinds of animals. 2 of which were the ones i've never seen up close and personal. Our Florida Owls. And Our Florida Panther. OMG!!!! What amazing creatures. He spoke and had on display many others but those two are just amazing. After the presentation everyone was invited outside to watch him release Rodney's Hawk. Rodney even got to help. And a round of applause from the spectators when Mark explained what Rodney did. What a neat thing for an 11 year old to experience. He was pink all over! It was a warm and fuzzy day and a great ending to my not so great week prior. Take a look!

Is she not the most amazing of creatures? And guess who out of everyone in the room she was staring at?
I think she smelled goat!

Can you see those talons? Kind of sad that my chicks have been swooped upon by those.

Mark keeps them wrapped this way in travel so not to spook the hawk. Here Rodney is helping.

Mark spoke a minute about the hawk. About Rodneys good deed. And job well done.
And then....

Back in the wild. :) And stay away from my house. Please! and Thank you.

Overall, stellar day. Stellar Nature Center. Nice folks. Please go and check it out.
Well worth the visit. 2.5 miles of nature trails.


  1. Yeah for the hawk! I took an injured opossum into the rehabilitation clinic about 6 weeks ago. It had been hit by a car. They found it had a fractured jaw. I got notice last week that it was released back into the wild. Yeah! Makes you feel good, doesn't it?

  2. Absolutely outstanding! I was actually wondering about the hawk. That must have been a wonderful experience for Rodney!

  3. He is very popular, many peopel admire and take photos of him. Fantastic photo. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing it. I loved the photos. On one of the late night shows they had a chap on who brought a Florida Panther cub. It was the most darling little thing.

  5. Thanks for the update. Loved these pictures, so upclose and personal. ~karen


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