McCarthy Wildlife Sanctuary- Red shouldered, In the hood.


Have I got a story of the hood for you! But let's start with the good and move to the uhoh later, shall we?

Today, Patty called and wanted a cage to use, Rodney found a Red shouldered hawk that was "just not right". Not hurt but just wasn't doing ok. Easy to catch. Well, who do you call? my fav vet office Susan Clubb, I'm sure they will take it.  Well, not really. Why not call Mark over at McCarthy Sanctuary?  I'll call for you. They tell me.. :)  Let me know if he gets back to you! Okie dokie?

Within minutes i'm on the phone with the famous Mark McCarthy. How about that? Pretty cool. As I have no idea if this hawk needs critical attentions or not. And of course, neither does he.

This hawk was awesome!!!! (lots of exclamation points) I've seen them eat my chicks before up close and personal, (with slight aggravations)  but i've never really, really SEEEEN one. How cool.

Mark said possibly just water logged. I'm hoping. as he (it) seemed full grown, and really didn't look so bad, this is all it is. We had a terrible rain storm all day today. Maybe he's just getting older.

Rodney took it with stride, me calling in the big guns to come get his newest find, that no he can't "keep it".  and In the interest of the bird he needs to go to an expert... plus he is protected. He was a champ, told Mr. Mark how he came upon him and what he did to keep him quiet and safe till now. and best yet got an invite to the sanctuary. I had no idea he gives tours!

I'm in awe of the bird. And of Mr. McCarthy too! I've seen his website a few times, been meaning to take a day to visit,  but never have made it over there. He's only 3 miles away! Time has come to go visit. And see the Sanctuary. I think he's doing a great thing.

And those of you in West Palm Beach that find wayward "native" animals. Give him a call. Nice Guy. He came and listened and picked up the hawk for us.

*good thing as happy hour had started*.. :)

Rodney with Mr. McCarthy holding our Hawk.

He is a nice guy, drove to pick up this hawk, was willing to help out and chat with us, and tomorrow Rod has a follow up call to check on the birds wellness.

I got good vibes! If you ever donate, here's the place to do it. :)
So go check him out and his site. click on visual below:

McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary

Oh! that other hood stuff? I think i foiled a burglary at my other neighbors house yesterday! The detective called and told me that they caught the "gold toothed " guy.  :) It was a huge fiasco of ginormous proportions and something i should never have done... Needless, i called the sheriffs office after my "encounter" and these THUGs were caught!

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  1. Good job with the rescue! Nice to know that hawk gets a second chance.

  2. This was a wonderful story to wake up to today. Thank you for sharing! How cool to have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a hawk!! Well done! Yay Rodney! ~karen

  3. WOW!!! What an awesome experience! My dad raised a young hawk once. He raised many wild animals when he was young. I think I get my nature/animal addiction from him.

  4. Wow what a ncie story, thanks for sharing. great photos of the hawk.

    Im following u, psl follow me.ty


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