That time of year....

New soap packaging. It's about time. 

This time last year, 4 goats were still in milk.... This year 1. Last year at this time, all the honey I could gather and sell. This year none. Last year late October, eggs were plenty. As weather changes.... nothing for over a month.

Could be me... Most likely it's just what it is. Life. Weather. Animals. Ages. Farming. Nothing is ever the same every year. The only constant in farming is change.

It is helpful to learn other farms are facing the same challenges. No one it seems in my area pulled honey this last flow. Good to know. Many chickens in the area aren't laying. And so on..

To help get me thru this downtime, luckily, I have other options for income..

I have 'soap. note cards and art for sale.'

I also have a 'Zazzle' page where t-shirts, pillows, mugs, banners, posters, stickers - can be great stocking stuffers. There is some fun stuff up on that site. If you want something but don't see it, email me and I'll create it.

And, if in the future you hear of someone needing 'designwork, pass my name on.

I love what has been created here. Proud of it. And the passion I have for the goats is immeasurable.  But, sometimes the art and design need to step up and get us thru.

Remember to support your farmers this holiday season. Buy local. Buy hand crafted, artisan and made with love products.

Note cards. New design for Bee lovers.

Artwork for sale 8x10 aprox. size.

Always busy here even if I'm not milking. Making signs for next year.

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