Growing Up Kids...

I don't normally pay so much attention to how quickly they grow. 
This year I decided to keep all the girls. 5 of them. 
(so far...)
Usually, I pick one or two, sell the rest.

 I can see so much...
I can see how two sisters who came out together grow differently. 

The first two shots are at 5 days old. 2nd two shots of them now at 7 weeks.
At 5 days old could barely get them out of the stall. 
7 weeks I can't get them back in.  

I see how the two wombats are inches above the Nubians. 
But only 4 days older. 

I see that Sable's daughter is whiney, and capricious, 
and all about her even at this age. Just like her dam.

I can see the runt is almost half the size of her sister. 
And see why her sister is twice the size of her. She is a fighter. 
And she likes stealing from the others. 

But, if her sister calls from far away she is the first to come to her aid.
I see the runt take advantage of it, too.

The runt,  I might add is just wonderfully sweet... and getting so much 
attention only wants to hang with humans. 
She bides her time and puts up with the others, till I go out again.

I see them play all day. I see them roam further on their own then I like.
I see the leader of the pack stick up for them when Gimpy comes to menace.

I see the dams sniff them but, meh, not interested in them. 
But then give a side glance.

I see all the conformational stuff, too. 

But, this is more fun.

desi #1 triplet.

Fern #1 and #2 and both are cute as can be. Sweet just like their dam.

Runt always last to know which way they go.

Potential herd queen in the making. Queen of the kids. She is the bold one.

left to right Desi#1. Fern #2. Sable #1. Fern#1. Runt (Desi #3)

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