GGA goats go mobile.

Patti and me at the days start.
On the road we go. Saturday we (me and neighbor Patti) packed up the trailer, pens, goats, milk stand, chickens and roosters and headed to Pompano for their People and Plants day honoring the Sample- McDougald house. The house was moved to its permanent location and the Pompano Proud group has been diligently restoring it to its former glory. What a great house. What a great group. If, in the area go see it. And say hi to Lee the managing Director of the house and grounds.

The day was long. We packed up the night before (luckily) and headed out at 7 am. Chores started at 5 am for the girls staying behind. I brought Valentina, Florida Girl, Audra, Brewster the rooster and his beloved Penelope,  the chick chirp and kid Glory. PLUS all my soaps, art, 22 dozen eggs (not one broke). Kefir. And this time added some wares from friends- Lady Mary Jam which is a cajeta sweet sauce, and some more soaps from Queen Bee Soaps. Both goat farmers in my area. 

Our day is usually spent talking about the goats. Introducing people about our products. What we do. Why we do it. Why we LOVE it.

The ladies who volunteered for this event were wonderfully gracious the whole day. Always checking up on the girls and Glory. They had as much fun as the public did with them.

Mid day I gave a goat milking demonstration. We sold lots of soap, sold out of eggs,  helped friends, with their goat wares. Success.

Overall, great day! Long but lots of fun. Well worth the trip! Bringing the girls is always well worth the extra effort. 

What a neat house. We were located to the left. Look at that Veranda.

Kay in love with Glory.
We needed a goat sitter while packing up to leave.

Brewster and Penelope. He never crowed the whole day.

Lady Mary Jam is a cajeta and it was YUM!

Table setup. Its time for 2 tables. See chirp our greeter on the table? All day she sat there.
Send me an email if you would like us to come to your next event.

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