Enjoy the Farm part deux

After meandering around with the chickens I sat myself down and just watched the main event.. Goats being goats.

she just came here recently. Needs a name.

Fern. Sable. Kayla. sharing some peanut hay. These three get along great.

Meandering around. Far left is Audra. NICE backend. :)

Pierce made his debut at the Ft. Pierce Green Market last week.

Magnolia. What a sweetheart.

Valentina. First year milker and just like her mom. Steady. Consistent. Never sick. Milks consistently 6lbs /day hitting 365 days.

The milkers wondering what to do next in their very busy day.

I just added some molasses to the water. SLURP!

Prissy Lower right talking back as usual.

Roman ! never should have wethered him. What a sweet natured. TALLLLL! guy.

Like mother like daughter. Latte and Valentina


Noble. Most farms get rid of their bucks by this age. But he is just the best. Sweetest. and i know what he throws.

Roman and Bella (right)

Audi is such a lover. She loves chin rubs and the parts around the ear that are soft.

Typical Latte.

Thatcher getting big eh? He's got three distinct barks. a yip. a growl. and best not EVER hear the third one.

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