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I've been in the public eye a bit lately. Fighting for the rural nature of our area, our livestock, our way of life.  Zoning and Planning Dept. had new ordinances they wanted to pass, we fought, we won. I'm on Facebook pages being a tad more vocal then I've ever been before. And started a Livestock page for the Acreage area to keep everyone informed of their rights, as well as put up information to utilize your rights and fight for them. I'm pissing people off. What people though is the question? 

Someone, anonymously, cowardly, called Animal Care on me. Nice, eh? They couldn't cite me. Just a warning slip on my gate last week. The anonymous call mentioned things mentioned dogs with no shelter and possibly abandoned... (big red flag for them). Oh, and my infamous overgrown front yard. (free food for the goats).

Granted, you see the barn from the road. The opened shed (filled with hay). and the garage door 80% of the time half open. The truck is in the drive. The trailer,  and the garbage was ready to set out that day. Lights were on. And we have animals milling about. So?

I don't claim to have the "BEST" cared animals in the world. I do claim that I care for them better then I care for myself.

I do have practical issues just like everyone does with keeping the balance with running a farm. Anyone that has ever been here knows they're all pretty stellar looking. Well fed. And maintained. And they come first before me, the house, the mortgage... even old man.

Yet, ACC will likely not close out this case until they see every single inch and animal on this property. I'm not buying into it. I've told them no, when I called to ask what the complaint was. You can look from the street. You can call my vet. I can get affidavits, if warranted. But unless you have a search warrant? You are not welcome on my property was how the conversation went.

Their response: What are you hiding? 

Actually, There's an elephant in the back room.  None of your business is what I want to say. It is none of your damn business what I do on my property. Outside of a valid, substantiated calls from persons (more then one) that signed an affadavit to the effect, that I'm not a good caretaker you can go hump a log. As well, there should be some checks and balance in this. You are not guilty till you prove innocence. Though i wonder if that is how it works with ACC.

Not giving up my fourth amendment right. No warrant. No on property searches.

I invite everyone (friends and strangers) and then some on this property weekly. I hold seminars here. Boy scout clubs. Teach. I go to shows. Bring animals to green markets. Post photos daily. I literally have had hundreds of people on this farmstead over the last 9 years. I've become the go-to person for goat husbandry, simple living, and I'm open, honest, and above all transparent.

Heck, WPEC Channel 12's  Gary Widom was just here two days ago broadcasting live from my farm. How many thousands of people watched as he milked my goats, and panned the barn yard? Numerous articles about the goats, me, farm. Reporters with their photographers all of whom can take any photo or see anything they like. And this blog, 7 years of documenting the good and bad.

Amazing to me that one anonymous phone call can set off a chain of events that you only read about. Kind of like the reason the livestock ordinance started, one lady who didn't want to hear a rooster crowing can get a whole county up in arms. hmmm...

As you can see this is really pissing me off. Any idiot that can dial a phone can call 'anonymously' and rile up hard working people just because they can. And you better hope I don't recognize the voice when I pull audio when I request a public records request.

It's a shame. This is harassment. It's unwarranted. I'm not playing. And whoever did it? gawd I hope you get a clue. You're barking up the wrong tree.


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