25,000 Grant Fedex dreaming!

screen shot of Fedex site
Positive thinking has me dreaming 1st prize. 25,000.

Why the heck not, right? What would I do? How could the grant help? What to fix first? Been dreaming about it all week since I entered this contest. Which is how I got started in the first place. Dreaming. Late at night a glass of wine, me and Delilah, walking the property, visualizing this here, that there. Wondering what if we made soap? made cheese? and started a business?  Never thinking the economy would tank forcing us to jump in as quickly. But then this small grant came across my desk and the late night walks have resumed. Except its with Delilah, Linny, Latte, Nikita, Valentina and Maggie-- my board of directors.

They're in agreement. we need a more streamlined milk room. They want two milk stands. And another fridge. The garage needs gutting for more storage, they're tired of looking at the washing machine, and its time they had running water in there. Delilah wants more soaps, all with her name on it. While Linny just wants one with her name on it. They conceded to cheese names. And even a milk paint line. Lofty.

We discussed the kids, although they appreciate my caring for them - in the house- if they can't feed their kids they at least want to be able to see them. And no they all said no kids running with the adults any more. And by goodness gracious they want a bigger trailer. It's cramped in there. hay. tables. coolers. Its hard to lay down when they're in there. They vowed more milk production if I met their needs.

So there you have it - employees of Delilah's Dairy have spoken. Meeting over. We toasted.

Fun! Dreaming.

To vote and you can vote daily (purdy please) till November 24, 2012 for me & Delilah, and all the girls go to:


and feel free to pass this along! We'd appreciate it!

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