Am I incorrect in that the building code has changed and become more complicated to exempt a livestock building? In 1998, all one needed was livestock to be considered "agriculture".  There was no Property appraiser classification to meet which is how one becomes "bonafide". Now you need the property appraiser to classify you as "AG" then you can utilize this florida state statute for buildings meant for livestock and livestock uses.  

So, everyone out here that have buildings and been raising livestock for decades, or any homes that had livestock buildings but sold to homeowners that are not in compliance now will have to be torn down. There is no retroactive status. I don't feel this is right.

If buildings have been standing this long, thru 2 major hurricanes and one minor. Direct hits. These buildings should stay. The whole point of zoning is for safety.

Still no clarification from zoning on what is a "structure".  
Livestock structures are Lean-to's. 3 sided stalls. Shade shelters (roof no sides). Pole barns. Permanent feed troughs. Pens. Paddocks. Fencing. 

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