The Spanish Goat

I'm not sure these are true Kikos. But, the owner said they were. They come from a line of descendant spanish goats. They surely aren't Boers as they are colored mostly in reds, whites, combinations of these colors. And the horn growth seems different.

Last night I went visiting a friend's farm, these handsome fellows were sold with the property. Sad. but pretty cool, too. They've lived here for 8+ years. I just find them gorgeous to look at those horns are amazing. Enjoy.


  1. Those horns are gorgeous!

  2. I hope your gates are ADA compliant.

  3. Beautiful, but I wouldn't want to tango with one!

    Great news about the piggys! Good karma.

  4. Thanks on the karma!

    Joey, totally lost me ADA compliant. :)


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