a video ode to days gone by

Not too too long ago, I lived the life of pure fashion (ridiculous you say? ). Tis true. I was a slave to fashion. More specifically a slave to shoe fashion. I had hundreds of them. My closet runneth over. And the trunk. And the closet downstairs....

I was, yes, a shoe whore.

I had a friend, she shall remain nameless (ROBIN) and we would traverse the Grove, and Miracle Mile, and South Beach and Merrick Park, and Omni, and gowd knows where......oohing and aahing our way thru life. I mean lunch. Looking for the next great shoe buy. :)

aaah!! the good ole days.

But now look at me.. The only shoes I ever wear are crocs. Or boots. Or flipflops. And I buy them at places like Wallymart. Or Costco. Or oh no Avon. (shhh please don't tell Robin).

Just last year i finally gave away the last of my greats. I must have given away over a hundred shoes. Only saving the most outrageous for close friends. The rest? Freecycle. Gone. I think I cut all my hair off that week too.

But the reality of it was, for 3 years i just looked at them. Periodically, taking them out for a spin around the driveway, finally, finally realizing that era is over. The goats and pigs needed the closet more. I needed more room and well... the shoes had to go.

So to days gone by here is a video to all you who love shoes like I do.


  1. Oooh, Jojo good for you! What I wouldn't do to be able to wear my Birkenstocks everyday instead of Aerosoles!

    I'm in cubicle hell, but someday I hope to change things too.

    (BTW, I'm an INFJ)

  2. I had a friend? I thought I was going to remain nameless? I'm still here with 2 closets full of shoes because I'm buying for both of us.

  3. ahh too funny. aerosoles are the birkenstocks of the professionals. i used to wear them too.

    Sorry Robin, i thought it too funny to OUT you. ha. go shopping my friend for the both of us.


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