What's wrong with this picture?

I am posing this as a figurative and literal question here...Can't you see it?

Let's explain, firstly yes I am a slob (that's a whole nother issue), but in the last year or so I really haven't gone into my closet. It was quite neat. I don't wear anything nice anymore. So the closet stays pretty clean. I keep the clothes and shoes (high heels, ha) for old times sake. For the old days when I used to go to work, drive for hours, and commingle with the cool group in South Beach. I don't miss that lifestyle one bit, nor do I miss the shoes, the pain, and the ankle swelling. Grin. But I do keep them and I do want them to stay nice. So that is the first part of my "what's wrong with this picture" comment. I have stuff in my closet that are just taking up space, should be thrown out, and stop hanging onto stuff i don't use anymore.

My second, "what's wrong..." if you haven't noticed yet is there is a pig in my closet. Yes, he did the rearranging. And I put it back and he takes it out again. It seems he likes to sleep on stillettos. Why? I haven't a clue. And why do I allow him to sleep in my closet in the first place? I haven't a clue on that score, either. Well, maybe it has to do with trying to move a 200lb pig. Or he picked the room, and there is no more space in the barn for him, so in he comes. Once he is down for the night he is pretty much silent. He hasn't eaten my shoes as of yet, and aside from the fact that he rearranges it all nightly isn't that much of pig about it. HA! I tried making him sleep in the garage. But he just didn't want to. he's quiet, somewhat clean, and doesn't snore, so i let him stay in the closet.

The other pictures above are also a bit strange. Well, to normal people. I have a chicken who lives in my garage. She is a sweety, and now that brewster is in there too she feels she has to sleep up high. When I saw her last night I knew getting her off there would be a bit of a problem. She won't jump down till the door was up. Can't open the door till she gets off the track. I pushed her down with my broom and yep, fell right into the turtle tank, flapping and yelling.. And getting me all wet with that lovely salmonella ladened murky mess.

Of course this all happening before I got my morning coffee. And thanks to my new alarm clock at 6:08 this morning.. I was fishing a chicken out of the turtle tank.

I didn't even know the sun doesn't come up that early either. Brewster crows to say its coming. Not that its here.... Interesting tidbit. And i thought he would crow the same time every morning, but that isn't happening either. 6:30, 5:45, 6:08, I'm keeping track...

Back on topic... What is wrong is this. For the past year or so, I kept saying NO MORE DOGS in the house. It's a constant battle, I run them out one door, they sneak back in thru another. Every morning, evening, moment, is a constant battle keeping them out. And I would be successful for weeks on end. But then just the other day I finally gave up. And this is pretty much why...

Why should the dogs live outside when they see the pig in the closet and the chicken in the garage? I'm sure this is why its a constant battle, they see it too. So in they have been. Of course another reason Ole man is in the house is because he isn't quite used to brewster my rooster yet, and although listens to me, we almost had a rooster supper yesterday. So in Ole man stays, which leaves Oliver.. Can't let him stay out alone and not the other. That's just not fair.

So, what the heck, I let kiwi in for some carrots too last night. At this point, I might as well go get the goats and let them have at it too!!! I don't even know why i built the barn. nobody wants to sleep in there, and why should they? If they look pathetic enough, ole sap (me) will let them in the house.

And for my gorgeous heeled boots, well I might just send them to a friend in San Fran that saw them, bought her own pair, twice, wearing them so much, and now can't find them anymore.. But i will have to think about that one for awhile. i probably can't even fit my flat foot in there any longer. Maybe i'll frame them and put them on my wall.

In the meantime, I'm off to put them back on the shelf, clean up the mess piggy made. Look at my old clothes i used to wear, while putting on my flip flops to go muck out a stall or two...

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