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As i got lost in the internet the other night i wandered into some learning. I love when that happens. This time its Firefox. Totally oblivious that Firefox allows all these add on's. I've been a fan of Firefox over Safari for years. Even though Safari works seamlessly on the mac.

Firefox offers all these add-ons. Though a bit confused on what they all do at this time, i do highly suggest if you don't use Firefox as your browser of choice to give it a try. And then head over to the add-ons menu and add a few.

One interesting add-on i'm trying out right now is ScribeFire the blog editor feature seems really cool. I'm typing this blog in the edit window on Firefox and checking it out. It looks and feels good. and  there is the menu bar at the top
just like in blogger. ScribeFire has two other features i don't really need at the moment. For ads on your blog. But you might.

Though it did take an extra minute to log in to Picassa web albums seems easy. And the photo popped in. Cool.

Look at the photo and down at the bottom you can see the notepad icon. Thats for ScribeFire. Then two more GreaseMonkey and a geo -cache feature. (not sure how i added that but cool). On the far left are additional Firefox add-ons. They do take some getting used to.

One really cool feature is Fire.fm and that is linking you to Last.fm it installed up at the top of your browser (in grey) near the url box. You don't need to log in to hear music. Type in your artist dujour and voila your radio comes on. Awesome!

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