iMAC and Condensation

Scary little thing happened to me this morning. Well, not little considering the cost of the computer but nonetheless, thought to take a picture. And then research it.

I panicked, as i do NOT have time to take this back to the store and either have it fixed or replaced. So i was in panic mode this morning.

It seems that any ambient temperature change will create a condensation in the lower right hand corner of your iMAC. When first seeing it, i thought maybe it got wet. but nothing else was wet.

My air conditioning has never been on since purchasing this computer. My best guess is that the temperature outside quickly decreased faster than the mac could handle. 82˚ right now. 73% humidity.

Its been about 3 hours since seeing it this morning and its all gone at this point. Computer has been on for those 3 hours. And it was in sleep mode most of the evening till i got on this morning. So the computer had cooled down.

Here is a another picture of what it looks like.

Those of you savvy enough to pull the glass to clean, I also found this video this morning. I'm not brave enough. But it did go away. And i'm hoping this is NOT a big deal.

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