No! I'm not being unjust.

And really i'm not angry anymore. I just googled that headline just to see what would come up. Yes, I'm a highly disgruntled customer. Have been for 3 years. I've blogged about it HERE

Back then i was pissed. Now i'm just resigned to learn and understand why i'm so stupid. Here i go again... trying to mow my lawn. I only need to do it on a regular basis in the summer and maybe intermittently in the winter. "Regular" meaning 2 times a month in July and August? and once every other month in the winter.

Maybe 9 times a year?

I have a DYT 4000 24HP Craftsman mower 48"inch. I bought it in 2004. More than i needed to only mow an acre. And as a female safe driver, trust me, I've babied this monster. I don't lend it out. I don't mow over an hour at a time. I don't over work it in the slightest. And i have a push mower for the difficult areas that i don't want to stress this one on. like hills. or edging. I bought way more than i would ever need or stress it. Or so, I thought!

During hurricane warnings i used the attachment to move things around and put in the shed or garage. Nothing serious. And nothing that would translate to over use.

I tell you this because the lawn mower is dieing a slow and painful death (pain being mine). The log on the mower says i have 177 hours on the engine. I bought it in 2004. Which means i have on average only used it for 42.5 hours per year.

That breaks down to 3.5 hours a month??

Ridiculous to think that i spent $3000 on a mower only to have it die after 177 hours. Of course, the initial service agreement is up. And no i have no intention of getting another.

I found this is all one big scam, sham, whatever. and it is. all of it. Sears. Craftsman. The whole shebang.

My neighbor came over to see if its fixable. He doesn't think so. Something is cracked. He charged the battery. And rode it around for a bit. When you put the mower down and turn on it shakes, rattles, and i roll my eyes! he says it will probably blow up soon. Great! fabulous....

it's only 4 years old.

I spoke of the oil issue a year ago in October the oil is leaking something fierce. Probably from the crack.Crack? how did it crack?

Last year the service rep came out from Sears said it was the sump/gasket? and was going to cost me another $300 to fix. Which on the heels of the last bill not 2 weeks earlier for $399.73 was leaving me with a really big headache. and a stink a mile away about this company. $399 btw was for the NEW carburator that went bad at 165 hours. Normal? you tell me!

You see, those aren't the only two bills i've had. In Aug, 2006 i shelled out $225.

In all, i've probably paid them $900 for this lawn mower in little incidental fixes, filters/battery/blades/head gasket/valve job/maffle/carbeurator and so on.

I'm looking at $93 here. $45 there. $32 for this... All things that WEREN'T on my initial service agreement. Till the service agreement ran out. Then i paid $399 and $225. and he estimated another $300 for this latest problem. I declined. And now it sits. With all these LITTLE costs adding up i could have bought a new mower.

When a portion of the yard needs a trim. i try to use it. Or i borrow the neighbors 12 year old lawn tractor. 12 years old wow. It's not from SEARS.

Only now i realize the scam. They (meaning SEARS) don't care about the product they are selling you. Don't believe me? Do a google search on "Sears lawn mower complaints".


Type in "Sears Sucks"

582,000 hits.

C'mon. They can't be blind. Of course not. They are berry, berry cunning.

Product sucks. Service agreement incidentals is where they got ya. Coming and going. You pay a yearly service, for whatever the product. Who cares if the product sucks.

You, joe schmo think hey what a deal, I saved $499 bucks when the service guy hands you the bill, and says " its only $48 today"... and they only charged me $48 for this service. Hmmm....

582,000 customers thinks SEARS SUCKS! (disgruntled is beside the point). Lets say these people all called SEARS ONLY ONCE... do the math!

$27,936,000 SEARS made from you on service calls.

This doesn't include the cost of the product you just purchased. This doesn't include the service agreement you just purchased, either. What this number is - incidentals on your service agreement. FOR JUST ONE VISIT PER PERSON. And i'm being kind. My incidental costs ranged from $48 to $98 any time they came out.

And lets not forget the others who don't get on the internet much. Don't complain online. OR those that have multiple products from SEARS. So far this year my dishwasher died. The Freezer died. Washer and dryer both have died. (The stove will never die. I've barely ever use it. I mean i think it won't but based on this track record? it probably will soon too! Thankfully, i bought my microwave from another company!)

Get it NOW????

They don't care that the product you purchased sucks. They actually like to hear this kind of crap from us. It's like the gift that keeps on giving...

So here's the scoop. Buy, don't Buy. I don't really have the answer for you. But what i do have? is wake up and realize that this product you are buying isn't the best quality. Sears banks on it. The product you are buying will break down. ALOT. Now if this doesn't bother you? Go for it. But, if you value your time. And want things to work when you want them to work. OR you want service done in a timely fashion then i suggest you look over other options from other company's.

AND, i haven't even started in on their lack of customer service, constant confusion from the store customer rep, to the 1-800 number rep, to the service guy that shows up to their lack of know-how to fix something, instead they just REPLACE it, or HOW LONG things take to order parts, get the service repairman out and so on.

Just be assured, if something like the lawn mower breaks? Don't expect to get fast service. More like a month down the road will it be fixed.


Till the next time it breaks again!

Needless to say i need a new dishwasher. A new dryer. A new fridge. And alas a new lawn mower.... You can bet there is one place i will not be going to purchase them.

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  1. I hear you! We have a Craftsman gas weed whacker thing where you can attach all sorts of different tools to it (weed whacker, edger, blower, etc.) and have had to replace the engine TWICE in the past 2 years. Yep, bought at Sears and each one was less than 2 years old.

    When it finally dies, we're buying a Stihl (sp?)


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