Last year i had almost the exact same problem. Except that SEARS had to come out 5 times, and i made an appointment in July and the lawnmower wasn't serviced finally till October....3 months. At least we are making some progress, this time around will only be a 2 month wait. click on photos below to see the 2006 complaint letter.... below these are this years problems with SEARS.

On July 30th 2007 I had an appointment. We established the Carbeurator was needing replacement. So we ordered it. Its NOW August 29th and it just showed up. One month to the day. WHY!!! claiming it was on back order. what is up with that?

So I call the service dept. all happy that i will NOW be able to mow my lawn. Guess when they will be able to come out....

SEPT 30th!!!! (TODAY IS AUG. 29)

2 months from the date of original appointment. Lawn tractor is just sitting there.


I am really getting disgruntled. Last year same thing. Another part, nothing out of the ordinary just new blades, new oil filter, new maffle. and the exact same thing happened. 3 months it took to get it finished. Summer is over by then. The lawn is up to my elbows. The animals are eating weeds. Same complaint. I need to mow the lawn.

As i'm writing this i've been on hold with the SEARS southern district office. Why? i would like to lodge a formal complaint. What good will it do? probably nothing. I remember writing a letter last year to the corporate offices. who sent me some form letter, promising that something would be done about it. Well it obviously fell on deaf ears. So this year? i'm lodging my complaint here on my blog. Still might not get the outcome desired but it will surely make me feel better. And let the world know SEARS is just not following thru. If you are reading this, and a have a complaint lets hear it.

Mine goes like this:
SEARS, get organized, staff up. Its not like you are a new company with growing pains, you are an established, usually well respected company. I call you because 1) its easy. 2) prices are high but, you stand by your products (when we get them). 3) you service way out here... But you are seriously lacking in the demands put upon you by the consumer needs. And how many customers have you lost from this?

Don't you understand that summer time needs a staff increase for summer items in need of repair? 2 months is NOT an acceptable turnaround time. In the heart of the summer rainy season i need to mow. And my complaint is NOT purely for aesthetic purposes. I have livestock that cannot eat overgrown weeds that pop up in this Florida Soil. I can't go around pulling Nightshade, lantana, milkweeds... I have to keep it mowed keeping some of these toxic plants cut.

I guess its shame on you the first time it happened, but since I didn't learn my lesson, this time its shame on me.

If not for the fact that I already have paid you $399 dollars that you took out the day of the first appointment, over 2 months ago, i would have canceled the appointment and just went somewhere else. Which i guess is what i will be doing in the future.

So again, I WAIT! and wait. And my animals are eating weeds. neighbors are complaining about my yard, and my lawn is a mess. I'm pissed. And i don't think i'm asking for more than any other consumer would like, expediency in a normal time frame!

Oh, I'm not alone... just type in SEARS COMPLAINTS. 1, 320,000 complaints come up.

but this one is my favorite. Searscrewscustomers.com

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