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Noble went down Thursday mid-day. I noticed things weren't right on wednesday but as airheaded things go around here, i meant to go out and check him over and didn't. That could have made my next few days better. But i didn't. It was one of those ON NO! moments in the house, looking out the window and realizing i need to get out there fast. and when i did i found him totally anorexic. His eyelids totally white. And his tongue and membranes again totally white. he was lethargic. droopy. and extremely weak.


What causes anemia... WORMS. Parasites. Haemonchus Contortus, also calle barberpole worms. Now in the first two days that never crossed my mind. I had just wormed the bunch 3 weeks ago with Safeguard horse wormer. 3 times the dose. I know i didn't under worm.

The two little guests i had here might have brought a more resistant strain or new strain of worm. I've had animals here for 5 years now. Not a problem before. I worm when i see an issue. I worm after i get fecals done. I worm when new kids come. This just snuck up on me. Granted its my fault for not watching him closer. Or touching him daily. i might have seen it come on.

HE could die!

haemonchus attacks the abomasum of the goat. Sucking the life out the animal. and as they move to a new location can cause internal hemorrhaging and this is when it gets critical. And this is where the anemia comes in. If you don't replace that iron they can't reproduce the red blood cells necessary to survive. The worms are eating faster then the body can replenish the blood.

We still aren't out of the woods, yet.

Its been 4 days. Nonstop meds. No sleep. Him in the house. My house a mess. Actually my house is now the infirmary. I've practically depleted my stores of emergency use materials. I've gotten over (way over) my fear of needles. Or my fear of anaphylactic shock. I'm just a damn nurse maid. :) Instead of posting everything i've done, i copied a pict file of my daily calendar of events. Needless to say not much sleep has been happening.

three things worth mentioning if you have goats, RED CELL and VIT. B Complex, and lactated ringer. If you don't have it? GET IT. These are the three things i think keeping him alive.

Other items i've been using. (dosing is in calendar).
CD antitoxin
Penn G
Ivomec 1% for cattle
Quest gel for horses (moxidectin)
activated charcoal

Just 2 weeks ago i had pictures up of Noble out on a Goat Walk. He was hitting around 165 lbs. Yesterday i weight taped him, 127lbs. YIKES! Those pictures show him vibrant, healthy, shiny coat, etc. This to me came on fast.

The ivomec is killing the worms. But now my challenge is to get his red blood cell count back up before that kills him. And I'm not sure i'm doing it.

If he's not drinking on his own. I give lactated ringer. And then red cell. If he's not eating on his own i give him some mashed potatoe in a syringe. red potatoe. I am giving him anything he wants as long as its a high protein food. Almonds, bananas. etc. tums. Whole wheat breads with long grains in it. If he takes it i give it.

Fresh green leaves over hay. Hay over grain. And so on. But, there are bowls of everything for him in case he wants it. I have minerals loose out-- Sweet lix. Baking soda loose, too. Baking soda promotes rumenation. If he's not ruminating within a couple hours i give probios paste. Live yeast culture.

My favorite vet is out of town. Her Tech came and brought me Baytril and Metacam in place of the banamine and Penn G. Since banamine is a paste and Metacam is a suspension one gets to the pain faster. I've heard the paste in ruminants is useless. I don't find that to be true, but if the rumen is working at peak then i would agree that it would slow it down.

We have moments of good. And then back to pain and weakness. It seems i'm keeping him alive with all that i'm doing. I just don't feel that i'm getting over that hump. Yesterday, i thought i saw a bit of pink come into his tongue. But his eyelids and mouth still very very white.

Life stops here when an animal is sick. I can't focus on anything else. When i started this post i felt better about him getting better. i took that pic above. But, in the 20 minutes since taking it? He led himself back into my bedroom and laid down by my bed. Head outstretched and a bit of moaning. How sad i feel that i can't help him more. I even called the vet about a transfusion. Wondering if that is feasible.

Well, this is where it is now. I hope my next post is better news. I'd be devastated if he doesn't make it. Its all my management and mistake that put him here. And such a good little patient. I know that having him by my side 24/7 right now does a bit of good. Not to mention i can jump on anything i think he might need.

Oh another thing worth mentioning that the vet did mention it could be a displaced abomasum. This too is critical. The only reason I don't think it is is right now is that he is STILL alive. I found him very anorexic on wednesday so this had been going on since monday. He literally would be dead by now i think if his gut was twisted or displaced. Vet is back in town tomorrow. We'll see her then and confirm what it is.

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  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your sweet Noble. You're doing everything you can, and I'm sure he (she?) knows it. That pic of Noble eating the magazine is too cute!

    I don't know a thing about goats, but hope to have a few someday when we get out of suburbia.

    My thoughts are with you.


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