munching Muscadine Vine.
Soon those green berries could be made into wine.

With my handy dandy neighbor and my trusty dog Oliver, on occasion we slip the
Goodness Gracious fenceline for more luscious edibles. Wax Myrtle, Coco Plum, Muscadine, Cats Claw, Wild Hemp Vine.... hmmmm YUMMY!

Ok not me. but the goats. They've totally devoured my yard. So onto the neighbors I figure their yards will last another few years till that gets devoured.

I bring Oliver as my alert dog. Me and Rod are armed with mace and sticks. Just in case. But in the 6 years i've lived here? nothing, nada, zip zero problems with taking my goats on a little stroll thru the neighborhood. Neighbors are quite cool about it actually. And it always brings a crowd. And i do it normallly on the weekend when neighbors are more apt to be out in the yard, just in case.

WHAT?!? are those goats? hey jim, LOOK those are goats!

Goats? where? NO! Really?

All this little goatie attentions. The goats love it. I enjoy how they follow me everywhere. We do this a couple of hours a week. It's good excercise for them. (ok me too!) and Rodney thinks we're going on an adventure.

We don't go far. We stay on our road. Down the side road and possibly up the next. or back. Here are a few pics from our last outing. Everything is so lush and green it's Goatie smorgasbord heaven.

Cocoplum abounds in the field across the street.
that is what they are munching on above.

Rodney thinks he's the goat herder.

This is the canal that lines the side road and
feeds my small canal behind my house. Pretty walk.

Noble (my buck) gets to come on these excursions.
Firstly, because he's too interested in eating than mating.
And secondly, he's not afraid of anything.

Oreo is in the foreground then Delilah, Chip, Dale, Noble, Roman.
Chip and Dale are just waiting to go to their new home.
They aren't staying.

Uhoh! Guess who wants to come.

Nice Day! Nice Walk! I love my little goatie excursions!

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  1. That is great that you can do that in your neighborhood. I bet the goats really love it.


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