Room with a SUPERIOR view

I posted awhile ago what i get to look at all day while i'm working.

this old post.

Well.... i've upgraded the view and the room.

The old patio was great. But it was a constant battle to keep the goats, pig, even the horse out.


So I closed it in. Well, I didn't actually do any of the work but hired someone. It wasn't too difficult considering there already was a roof. and concrete pad.

SO, my view has substantially improved. I can see ALL the animals at any one time, throughout the whole day. Very cool.

The office is still disheveled. And its not finished as i would love to get a few new things for it. Like a REAL desk and maybe some glass closed bookcases. But this is my work station. where i sit for about 8-10 hours a day.

Vastly improved. I'm so excited.

LOOOK! the windows are open. YES! i still haven't turned the air on yet. And honestly, this room really doesn't need it. Its pretty hot out there but i get a beautiful breeze. And you can't beat the fact that my electric bill is only $70/month right now. I'll see how long I can go without.

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