Rooms with a view

Actually all my rooms have a lovely view. From the front we see nothing but unaltered acreage. (i hope for a long while). And from the back we see acreage, from my neighbors, their house is far enough away you don't feel like she is that close. Plus there is the canal that separates us. From the sides? well, funny how the house is built, there are no side windows. Which is great since neighbors property sits pretty close. I have a half acre on the sides? give or take. And they have less depending on where they placed their house.

But nothing is more wonderful than the view i get in the early morning, sitting here drinking my coffee and watching the "kids" walk by. I let brandy and the doe's out first thing, Piggy is out too by then. He's taken to sleeping back in the house with me. Blessing? though i have to say, he's stopped sneaking past me in the morning to raid the kitchen garbage. So that's a great thing he has forgotten. I bribe him out of the house with 3 palm nuts. :)

The turkeys usually go off on their own but today they meandered with the group.

But here is my view. I love it. nothing sweeter than looking at this first thing monday morning. When clients are calling at 8:30am. and Mondays are always a bit of rush. Everyone is full of energy. And usually a very long day.

I always hated mondays. NOT anymore!!!

If you are wondering why i didn't pull up the shades to take a better picture? WELL>> If i did they would have seen it. And i had a particularly difficult time this past summer, trying to keep the goats off the windows, doors, railings, porch doors, etc. Jumping on the window just right and i know they're going to break it one day. So i don't wave out the window any more. Or call to them. Cause they will come running.. They would cry and moan, and yell maaaaaa. And it started to become a habit. They would go from window to window looking for me....crying...And well, clients would wonder if i was abusing a child in my house. So that all had to stop. :)

Brandy is just loving her new importance. I see how she will wait for them. They follow her around, she makes the goats feel safe. They all sleep together at night. The only one missing is KIWI. she is stuck with Noble. Or they would be out too. Nobles in rut right now. :) and although i want them all to get pregnant. I do appreciate they girls need their alone time. It's very frustrating having a horny goat chasing you all day long!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday morning!

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