another coral snake

Oh this is getting a tad scary. Yesterday morning as i'm chatting with my friend and stepping in like the 4th pile of manure stuck on my foot and ready to scream i stop and clean my shoe. And oh so lucky that i did, because if i hadn't? i would have surely stepped on a coral snake making its way from it seemed the house to the wood pile. My next step would have been on him had i not stopped. I followed it and it just disappeared into the wood pile. This is the 3rd time i've seen one since living here. NOT GOOD!

I'm writing this account again because i was just watching the news and a poor dog it seems was "playing" with a coral snake and he didn't make it.

They say the coral snake can't bite well into shoes and thru clothing, yet can bite thru skin. They also say not thru fur. but obviously not for this poor dog. :(

here is a link to a picture i took the last time i saw one. Coral snake.

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