Coral Snake

Can you believe it? I saw another one. and iI am starting to get a bit nervous. 2 in one month. I have gone 42 years without ever seeing anything so venomous. Unless it was in a zoo. Its amazing. I followed its path around the house. It almost made a huge circle. I lost it at one point when i ran in the house to get my camera. And to double check on the computer that it truly was one. I never can remember the rhymes. Red and yellow kill a fellow. red and black a friend to jack.... LOL...

This one truly was red and yellow...And to note he was very docile. He only stopped once when i was being a bit stupid and stomped my foot.

I guess the barefoot at midnight walks will be stopping pronto. And i got my muckers out of the closet for my late night strolls.


  1. Oh not good! I'm so glad I live where there are no poisonous snakes.. just spiders.

  2. LOL.. well we have those too. I do believe everytime i see a little brown one, i assume its a recluse..

  3. I've never seen a coral snake outside of the zoo. We have more than our share of copperheads around here. I just hate the feeling I get when I spot one in my peripheral vision watching me pick tomatoes or stacking wood. Gives me a major case of willies!!

  4. yes... i would get the willies too! At least a coral snake will move away from any vibration. I've heard things like copperheads, and moccasins will attack rather than retreat.
    thanks for the post.


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