Weed Id!

(Phytolacca americana)

just found out by a nice, helpful person at UofF.

Poisonous to mammals. and can cause colic in horses. People can eat the leaves if boiled. :( ick. But this is obviously a 2nd year growth as the first years growth looked nothing like this.

here is another link to plants in my yard. click here.


  1. Do you remember that song, "Poke Salad Annie?"
    Love your goat pics!

  2. ha... no don't remember that song. must be before my "time" ha. but i did learn we could eat the leaves if boiled a few times... cool, eh?

  3. I remember when my mom heard you could eat the young leaves. She cooked up a giant pot of them.

    Let's just say they've got nothing on collards. Blech.


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