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Pictures taken this morning 9.14.07
(clicking on any photo will enlarge)

Picture below has the medicated shampoo on him.

Above is updated photos of iggy. His skin is changing rapidly, 2 days ago whole areas of skin were sloughing off. Now its new skin, few lesions, and its growing back. Good sign! And today he had some energy. He ran to his feed bowl. Back on Mazuri-adult Pot belly pig food, and some black oil sunflower seeds.

Below here are plants that i have in my yard. That are yet unidentified (not confirmed). One vet confirmed that its a photosensitive issue probably from a toxic plant iggy ingested. (something i was afraid of and blogged about regarding Sears and my tractor HERE.) I even wrote them a letter with this exact scenario. But no one's to blame but myself. In hindsight, I should have hired someone to mow the lawn. (Click on photo to enlarge and see weed up close)

UPDATED: thanks to Swampthingy and treebear (fellow bloggers)....

#1 (has little pods under the stem
its also viewable better below)

#2 Button weed? not sure still.
#3Beauty Berry, Callicarpa americana
not toxic
more info and more info from USDA

#5 Sida rhombifolia. Cuban Jute (indian hemp)
(i think this and #4 are the same. #4
leaves do turn red in lack of water)
mallow family can be toxic
#6 horse weed
#7 (some kind of nettle. flowers in the summer
winter has those burrs that attach easily to everything)
#8 dog fennel Eupatorium capillifolium

#9 looks like rosary pea
(has little pods under the leaves)
#10 (i think the same plant as
#1 and #9 but in a different stage of growth
(i've seen piggy eating this)
UPDATED 10/07 this is:
Phyllanthus urinaria L. - chamber bitter
from a blogger Karen. Thanks!

links to usda
and to another plant id site
#11 muscadine grape large leaves. (not toxic)
Balsam apple little leaves. (seed are toxic)
Seen the goats eatleaves and fruit.
Seen piggy eat the leaves.

If anyone can confirm any of these plants are toxic and or photosensitive please comment. Thanks!

Downloadabe PDF file for florida weeds
identification links


  1. jo i have tons of these plants around here and have never had a problems with any of the critters. *shrugs* maybe i've just been lucky!
    poor lil iggy! he's really had a time of it, hasn't he? at least he's on the mend now though.

  2. thanks jayedee... yes what a couple of months. I just saw him eating the rosary pea. not a photosensitive but still a bit toxic. do you have names for any of these plants? the one i call rosary pea is the fourth one up. but i'm not sure. When you flip the little pea shaped leaves there are little nodes there. Looks like a rosary to me!

    thanks for checking in!

  3. hi jojo,
    I don't know if we can be much help in IDing your plants, but Treebeard and I will give it a go. The ones that look familiar are the third, fifth, sixth, and eighth ones (from the top down). None are positive IDs, but here goes:
    #3 looks like Beauty Berry, Callicarpa americana. Does it produce purple berries?
    #5 looks like one of the mallows, maybe Sida rhombifolia.
    #6 looks like one of the horseweeds, Erigeron sp.
    #8 looks like dog fennel, Eupatorium capillifolium

    #2 has flower heads that look like some sort of mint. Are the stems of that plant squared?

    Could be that none of these is correct, but we gave it a shot! You might try collecting some of the plants or some representative leaves and taking them to your local agriculture extension agent. Good luck! Hope little piggy iggy feels better soon.

  4. thanks so much for answering. Yes... there are reddish purple berries on that one you mention. And i think #2 is a button snake root (or some such common name).... i appreciate the help.!!

  5. oh and i do believe that #4 is a version of #5 after it doesn't rain for a bit. but not sure on that either... Thanks so much for helping..


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