9.6.07 updated pics of piggy

I apologize to everyone visiting looking for some fun antics and stories of my farm..

Right now i'm engulfed in a piggy problem. And the best way for the vets to see the problem is to post it here and send them a link. Below the photos is a rundown of timeline again. And meds given.

click on photos to enlarge.

Iggy is a 2.5 year old pot belly pig. he is aprox. 250 lbs.

This is day 25 of onset of illness. He spent first 5 days not eating or drinking, pooping or peeing. vet came day 6 administered, ivomec, naxcel, banamine. with 3 more days of injections for me to do. i did without a problem. thru out this time frame his temp was 104-106 {f}. he should minor improvements. but nothing substantial.

Started 5 days of trimethoprim sulfamethazole tabs. He showed improvement. and since that time has gotten up and ate grass, very constipated manure, and peed. at least once a day since.

Started 10 days of ciprofloxacin (after urine culture). lucky to have gotten 5 sporadic days of pills into him. He just would NOT take any food that had cipro in it. It was either feed him without. or he just would not eat. or drink.

For the wounds i've been putting on silver sulfadiazine. which is helping to soften the skin peeling off. Otherwise its razor sharp. Skin under the flakes which are red is hot to the touch. Other portions are peeling off but not inflamed, skin is not hot.

Vet is coming monday to re-asses and take a skin biopsy.

For more pictures, and more background information click here.

So the consensus is its NOT dippity. Its NOT erysipelas. So what is it? I don't even know what a circovirus is. I usually delve into bacteria issues. Virus' are a whole nother ballgame. One that i can't fathom how my indoor/outdoor pet pig can contract a farm hog virus.


  1. i'll be interested to know what the skin biopsy tells you. i'm betting it has something to do with the brutal heat and humidity we've had.
    after the skin peels, do more pustules and scabs form? or is it too soon to know? i'm wondering if a spray of tea tree oil with some kind of innocuous carrier oil would be of any value whatsoever?
    dang girl! i feel for you!
    keep us posted

  2. Hi jayedee. what a month huh? I'm at a loss. but piggy does seem to be a bit more active as of yesterday. its kind of up and down though... I hope we can figure it out!


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