This is how it started.. Little pustules on his back, filled with liquid. He broke them open by just walking, moving, hitting them by mistake. They would then get crater like, with a pussy red painful, hot sores all over his back. this was day 2 of the beginning of dippity to day 5. Which was 5 days already into him getting sick. (started 8.17.07)

These pictures below is how he looks today day 12 from the start of this dippity. His whole body looks like a cracked and peeling desert floor. The red pussy under skin is now starting to heal. The heat and pain are subsiding. Although, the meds are sporadic, i do think its helping him heal. I'm also dabbing some calm coat, and other topicals onto his back. When it was red and pussy i just let it heal on its own. It was just too painful for piggy to handle anyone touching it.

Or at least i think this is what they call Dippity Pig. This came on 5 days after Iggy got really sick. i liken it to a secondary infection cause by the stress of what got him sick in the first place. To read more on his illness go here

Today is day 19 from the very first day i noticed piggy not feeling well... he's lost at least 25lbs. If not more...

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  1. ohhhhhhh my gosh!
    that looks horrible! poor little guy!
    this is the kind of thing that just breaks my heart. you're such a good mom!
    are YOU holding up ok thru it all?


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