New Chicken Coop and goat cover

Finally!! done. But, i'm having a heck of time trying to get them to stay in there.They have been taught by their mum that the garage is home. And i can't get them to see this as their new roosting spot.

I kept them in for 5 days. Let them out and same thing back to the garage. Now mind you, the garage door is now closed. And staying closed. So they can't sneak in. So where do they roost? On the water tank. On the fence. On the roof covering the water tank. the places closest to the garage.

9 chickens. 9 trips from the water tank to the coop. Every night.


They are now in the coop for at least another 10 days.!

On the other side i added a covering for the goats. For shade. useless in a thunderstorm. But hey, i'll have to figure something out to keep them dry. Maybe those Sunbrella shades?

For Noble my newest addition. A buck. I put up a fence splitting the paddock and the covering. Soon enough he's going to be wanting a little action. And we can't have that. Not until i say so!

So now everyone (theoretically) has a home. With cover. And when it rains i don't have to run around herding them all in to various stalls. Or worse, the house!

And just for fun! here is iggy's latest mug shot. Yes! he is on a diet. But for some reason it's not working. I rarely feed him anything but his pot belly pig food. Well, i guess the other morning before i got up, he did sneak into the freezer and ate a lb. of bacon, two filet mignon's and 15 orange popsicles. But that was just a diet misstep. Really.


  1. poor old iggy! he likes his groceries, doesn't he? lol
    we had to consign our edwina to an outside life for the same reason...NOTHING in the fridge was safe from her! LOL

    there's an critter role call over on my blog, take a look if you're inclined!

  2. LOL what a pig!

    Thanks for the link to your blog. It's so interesting to see a totally different environment than the northeast!

    Hope your chickens get the idea soon. Old habits die hard.


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