DO you LAUGH everyday?

An apple doesn't keep the doctor away. Chickens do!
and goats! and pigs! and so on....

Laughter they say, is a great stress reliever. Those who laugh a lot i bet live longer. I'm sure there are even studies out there that confirm this. Laughter makes you happy. Happy people don't stress out as much, and so on.

As i was sitting outside doing nothing but watching my anipals, and laughing out loud, i wondered how much of people's illnesses could be assuaged with some laughter. I think all old folks homes should be on a farm. Each old person should have a goat or two, chickens, even a potbelly pig to entertain them from time to time.

Old people in their own right are funny people. And great storytellers. They have a world of wisdom. And you only have to say hello to get it. Like the older gentleman that bags my groceries. When I see him in a line, I always go to that line. And you know what? Its always the longer line. But well worth it. I get a little tidbit of wisdom for the price of a few groceries. I've never asked, but bet he has a few chickens, too!

This post wasn't supposed to be about getting older. It was supposed to be about laughing. I lived and worked in Miami for 15 years in an extremely stressful environment - advertising. Sure I laughed a bit, but it wasn't truly laughter. Not laughter from the heart. A guffaw here and there. Some funny jokes. It was more of snide chortles. And I was always sick. Back problems. headaches. Always tired. And plain ole just not happy.

I moved to the "farm" got a few animals. and WHAM! So this is what happiness is?

I don't consider myself depressed any longer, like in Miami. I don't wonder about taking Prozac, which I refused to do way back when, because felt that it would take away that one thing that kept me ahead of the game- creativity. The weird wacky kind. I don't worry about how I look, act, feel, think, either. I do the same thing for work as I did back then just on different terms. I still work 12 hour days. Still have crazy deadlines. And there are still crazy clients. But the scenery has changed, therefore the outlook. And you know what? I'm better at it now. Thanks to the anipals and all this laughter.

When a "chicken football" game ensues in the yard, I have to go outside and cheer on the winning chicken. The football btw is a baby frog. And this game could last for hours, but it doesn't, one of them usually will eat it. Game over! He won. My kind of football! I 've tried to recreate the game for friends. But nothing works. THEY have to decide what mighty morsel is the football that day.

I watch the way animals live there life. Everything is in the moment. Every thing is about the next meal. And every thing has a playful aspect to it. The pig knows he's not supposed to go into all the pens. I've told him this, chased him out, for over three years. Last night, i just had to laugh, he's not the problem. I am! He's just being a pig. When the chicken realized they could jump on piggy's back and go for a jaunt around the yard. I laughed for days. I sat outside with my camera for a week, trying to get i a picture. click here for that story!

I sat down to watch the turkeys hang out. I'm their new best friend. I finally let them loose in the yard. The first thing they did? chase a car driving down the road. The driver almost had an accident. "Whoa? are those turkeys?" They weren't running from it. They were running after it. Like the dogs do. They are in the fence. My neighbors kid came over. Turkeys ran to him. and followed him around in crazy eights (my advice) for over 20 minutes. LOL. They weren't hungry, i just fed them. They were being playful. And i laughed!! I have friendly turkeys!

And when the day is over. And the animals are all put up, i go in the house and more antics ensue. My African grey loves to make the sound of ugh! when i bend over. Or ahhh! when i sit down. My mac answers the phone when it rings. Before i've even had a chance to get up and get the phone, he is having a conversation. "hello? aaahh, yes... ok... bye"... II always answer the phone giggling. Even when a client calls.

When its finally time to go to bed and i'm exhausted, there is a smile on my face. Just when i think all is quiet, and i'm finally just at that edge of sleep? I hear a grunt, snortle, grunt, when i remembered that there is a pig slumbering in my closet. and then i have to laugh again!

I have to get my retirement finances in order now. I have a feeling i'm going to be living a a bit longer than i thought. With all this laughter.... i'm actually becoming a happy person. and you know how that goes.... Who would have thought?

Every day. every evening. For the last 4 years, I've been laughing! I could keep writing about more funny antics, but you get the picture. (plus this blog is already full of them). And the moral? Get thee some chickens! Or goats. Or a mini horse that thinks its a dog. or a pig that thinks its human!. Or car chasing turkeys. Or an african grey you can chat with at night. Get yourself an animal and trust me , you will be laughing from now on!

Here is a pic of me working in Miami. not so happy!

Here i am now! is that a smile?


  1. when people ask me why i have critters i tell them:

    i love them.
    they love me.
    they do not criticize.
    they only ask for love.
    they understand and accept me.
    they keep me company.
    they amuse and amaze me.
    they are never boring.
    they do not care if i look beautiful or ugly,
    if am old or young,
    if i am one color or another,
    if i speak one language or another, if i am rich or poor..
    their pain is my pain as much as my pain is their pain.
    they share my tears and my laughter.
    they are part of me...

    great post girl! i'm glad your found your laughter!

  2. :) thanks Jayedee.... i like this poem. i'm not sure what i would do without my little joyballs...

  3. there's something on my blog for you!


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