Unusual love story

"Hmmm look a tasty morsel."

"Now how do i get that"

" Hey the air is better up here."

"Uhoh, earth quake."

"...7.5 on the richter scale."

"Hey it stopped. I can do this. Look ma no flapping."

"Hmmm, comfy. I could get used to this."

This morning the oddest little display happened. Iggy was doing his regular thing. While chicken was doing her regular thing. And cupid was doing his regular thing... grin. I guess it was inevitable. All my animals are paired up in some way, with another like breed. Even though my mini is so small she is still a horse and brandy knows that. And although my cat is alone she really thinks she is a dog (so that doesn't count). But i have only one chicken. And one pig. And well, they each other.

Love is in the air...

Last week i did notice chicky would stay near the animals, it helped her in protection as she would roam the yard. She would even stay close to the dogs. Then i saw her with Brandy a couple of times this week. And at last with the goats. But, she must have been making up her mind who she wanted to be friends with...And a most unlikely choice i must say.

Iggy is kind of grumpy, doesn't like to be bothered, sleeps way too much, and does NOT like to share his space with anyone. (oooh epiphany....remind you of anyone?...)

So you can imagine my horror when i saw chicky going for a ride....on piggys back. I thought this chicky was a goner when i saw that.

The first time it happened, Piggy was sleeping and chicky eyed a mighty morsel on his back... hmmm probably a piece of dirt. But chicky had to have it. She looked, and then came closer, then she raised her neck to try getting it that way, but to no avail. She had to get on the back of piggy to get that diamond. And then she did. And i waited. And i waited. I was waiting for piggy to jump up and start yelling at the chicky. It never happened.

So, today, it happened again. But this time i was ready. Had camera in hand and just waited. It didn't take more than a minute for chicky to find today's morsel, and jump on his back. But this time, the mountain started to move.... UHOH!!! Earth quake...Chicky lost his balance... BUT, Chicky stayed on, enjoyed the ride actually, and even laid down and settled on her back for a bit. While i could see piggy thinking things thru, he thought about doing something, i could see it in his eyes. But changed his mind, and just kept walking with chicky on his back...

off into the sunset....grin...


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