Osceola wild turkeys-gobble, gobble....

Now you can call me crazy. I don't know what i was thinking. And i don't know why i have them, but what a hoot. And what coloring. They are absolutely beautiful to look at. Hopefully the pictures attached will give it justice. I thought my rooster was beautiful with all his rustic colorings, and some metallic sheen to them. BUT these turkeys are majestic. Every deep dark shade has a metallic sheen to them. They shimmer in the sunlight. You have to see for yourself.

A friend called last month, told me he had to rehome two pet turkeys. I laughed too. And wondered what the heck? They are hand raised as pets and they wanted to make sure they went to a home that wouldn't eat them. Well, that's me. I can't even eat the eggs the chickens are laying. I keep letting them hatch.

So, here they are....

Oh, and they gobble... and strut. and drum all day long. So cool. My first encounter with them drumming was eery. I kept hearing this weird sound, and it couldn't be located, just sounded like someone far away was playing the bass on their boom box too loud. It didn't register till i was watching them one day, and the booms coincided with the strut and the feather rustle, breasting out, and a cluck. and then the BOOM! Ha.... Live and learn.

named them TOM (of course) and BOB! (after the donater).... well have a look...

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  1. Hi JoJo! Only two generations ago it was the done thing to have chickens and turkeys in everyone's backyard in surburbian Sydney, Australia. I remember visiting Great Aunt who had turkeys, and although don't remember what type they were found them fascinating - especially the colours!! Unfortunately Sydney people kept them for food, during the Depression back then. There would be very few that have them as pets now ... most wouldn't have a backyard big enough in Sydney.

    I wish you the best thoughts about poor Samson :( He is very special to you :((

    I'm new member Anony from the BirdBoard and thanks for your comment about my blog. Visit me at my blog anytime :)


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