cutest kid in the universe

And i can say that because its not my kid. Ha!!! Now really is this not the cutest kid ever? (more pics below. click on them to make larger) He is my cousin Cooper and he is two years old. Calla and David don't tell cooper he is coming to my house till the night before or they would tire of all his when are we going questions... He knows ALL the names of my animals. And knows all about their antics. Cooper already knew Kiwi's name before ever seeing her.

Once Cooper gets here we must go from animal to animal to say hello. And how are you doing. To pet and to feed. We have to go to the turtle tank and pull them out so he can see each one of them. Then onto the birds, horse, pig and goats.... And when his nonny arrives, we have to start the process all over again, so she can say hello to them, too! Cooper had never met Kiwi or the chicken before. Likewise, the chicken never met any of them before either. Chicken was NOT too happy. Everytime i took him out, he ran back into the garage and into his cage. Which was just fine... Cooper wasn't liking the chicken too much either.

Once everyone was hello'd we gave Kiwi a bath. This was Kiwi's second bath ever. She is only 5 months old. and she let Cooper jump up and down, splash her face, hose her down, clean her backside (he saw me do it so he had to do it too), and get all sponged for over 20 minutes. Now how smart is that mini? I'd say very....She only lost patience once when the hose got away from us for a second, and hosed everyone down. There were 8 of us standing around or doing something. After the bath, kiwi got conditioned and squeegeed and then onto the grass for some nibblings and to dry off. She was so clean and shiny... how awesome. For about 10 minutes i had her clean. Till she rolled. and then it was all over. Dirty Kiwi again...

These shots said it all.

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