NEVER underestimate the power of Friends and Facebook. I surely won't ever again.

Look above at my 2 posts written just on my Delilah's Dairy page.  7.6 thousand views. and over 600 shares of the posts. ( i had two more on my personal jojo page). 

This is what got Thatcher home. EVERY single view. Every Share.

One call received on Sunday said they saw a white dog on 180th and orange blvd. After all the posters i was done putting up, i just felt the need to go look out there. Possibly put up another poster. Just in case. I put it on the stop sign at 180/orange. Seemed ridiculous at the time.

I get a call today from a girl who sees a dog out in the middle of Corbett ( 67,000 acre preserve). She says he is on the main grade- she just left there. And likely he is still there. I asked her how she knew to call. She mentioned the one sign i put up that was a remote location. She saw the poster at 180/orange.

I've always believed in serendipity.  If the first friend hadn't called, who saw my posts, I likely would never have found Thatcher.  A domino effect of events.

Never underestimate the power Facebook has. Or what your friends read. 7,000 people did not respond to my post but they read it. And shared it. It doesn't even account for twitter or this blog, and its power too. 


Thatcher is home.

love you!




H E   I S  G O N E

B R I N G  H I M  B A C K !

I'm not sure who i'm yelling at, the universe or a person.
I just want him home.



Kids and their Kids

Every so often I get the picture of the year sort of picture. This is it!
I wonder who jumped up there first. I bet the littlest one did. 
This goat 'kid' was going to be out on pasture. 
It seems to me that ain't never gonna happen now.
Just precious!


oops! they left the farm.

Yesterday, we took a mini goat walk turned 2 hour goats run amok. It seems the days of cute little goat walks and goats listening to me are over. Except for the ever perfect Delilah. She stayed with me. As always. The rest of the girls?

I'm hiding from you!

I opened the back gate 'canal' side, and decided to let the girls meander and eat the overgrown weeds in the back. They were settled and fine, munching. In the time it took for me to go into the house, find the camera, and come back out, they all, but delilah, disappeared. 

Ficus grew like this. Pretty cool.

And this is where I found them.

Neighbor's yard.

Goodness Gracious More...

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