Hope for Humanity

In the past few months, it seems that nothing is quite right in the world. You know what I'm talking about. Its pervasive -everywhere you turn there is a disaster, murders, etc... The news is full of it...  It really can get depressing. And I don't even have a regular TV, I only see snippets of it on Facebook, or if I make a concerted effort to watch the news on the computer....

It doesn't help when i'm working in place that generally attracts miscreants -- convenience stores just aren't always the place to find 'model' citizens. Granted, it's quick, easy and many normal folks do come, get gas, buy a pack, but its always peppered with the opposite, as well,  I tend to see the opposite alot lately. It makes me wonder about the future of the community. Or people in general...

....So when I see something extra-ordinary, I feel the need to post it.  Two such wonderfully heartfelt scenarios took place this last week and thought I'd share:

#1 - Young girl comes to the window to purchase gas. $1 worth. That's all she had... I felt bad. Likely showed in my face to the people in line behind her... One guy in line saw this. Asked me 'she only bought a $1 ?  yes' ... He bought his items and left. I watched him. He walked over to the girl who's vehicle was on the opposite side of where his was, and handed her a $10. At first she didn't want to take it... Finally... did so.... I found it sweet and heartwarming that a perfect stranger would want to help out this girl. :) It was just a kind thing for this man to do...

#2 - Chivalry is not dead. Last night as I was closing up there was a vehicle behind another one waiting on the same gas pump. Me, in my on-going attempt to get out of there on time, wondered what the heck... every other pump was open, so i found it odd this woman was just sitting there. I asked the man in front was she with you? he said yes - we pump gas this way. Ok. I get it - use the same card - once. But what I didn't foresee or expect was that when he finished pumping his gas - he  moved the vehicle to a parking spot, shuts it off, gets out, and comes running back to pump his wife's gas, too....so she didn't have to get out of the car.  How cute!!! He said they have always done it this way. ... and he too seemed happy to do it. I never saw the woman, she was in vehicle with tinted glass.

Every once in a while, if looking I can find it...

There is hope for humanity!


Goats and Yoga

So the newest rage in urban to farm connections is "yoga with goats". I know you've seen all the YouTube videos.. It's cute. They're cuddly. Who wouldn't want to spend time with these lovely little creatures.  I, surely get a lot of emails asking me to bring my goats to a studio, or, I should have sessions here. um... yoga. me? lol... Yoga, me and the goats? even funnier....

But here is my latest response to a very nice and potentially money making offer. I had to say no. WHY?



My girls are 150lb- 175lbs. My yearlings 90-100lbs. My bottle babies? are already 30-45lbs... That right there is a deal breaker. Have you ever been hit in the nose or face or 'boobs' with one of these little scamps? i have. I just don't feel like taking that kind of chance. The fun part about these experiences are letting them jump on and play on you. My girls who by the time they are 40lbs are reprimanded to NOT jump on people. To not get too friendly putting feet up on chest and so on. WHY? because i don't want them learning this habit that when they are 150 lbs would knock a grown man off his feet.

The little Nigerian breeds or Pygmy's they're the ones that stay small and cute and less damage to a person is likely to happen.

Call me a bah-humbug... But, I don't think we will be doing any Yoga with goats here. At least not with my full size girls.

Sable says: " no goat yoga" She'd knock you on your butt in a heartbeat.



"What the heck is that?"

"Whats' that white stringy stuff." 

"There's a string in my yolk. is that normal?"

and my favorite response:

"No, your egg isn't starting to form a chick."

I get these types of questions all the time. Even from people that are long-time fresh market egg buyers. I'm talking about the Chalazea. It's a tiny string that you will see when an egg truly is farm fresh -  no more then 2 days old fresh.

The Chalazea holds the yolk to the shell when it is first formed in the chicken. As the days progress the chalazea disappears.  It does not indicate its any better or worse then a 5 day old egg. But, it does indicate that egg was just laid within the last couple of days.

These two photos were taken by me right before I had breakfast. The eggs were collected last night. Laid yesterday.  It's a phenomenon that many don't get to see, or even know about. Store bought eggs you'll never see this... Some farms that hold eggs till the greenmarket day might lose it by then.
Because it disappears so soon after they lay the egg. But, if you order eggs and its timed right, this is what you will see in some of my eggs.

It's perfectly normal.

Pretty cool, huh?

Here is a good link on Eggs 101 and what else you might see.



That time of year....

New soap packaging. It's about time. 

This time last year, 4 goats were still in milk.... This year 1. Last year at this time, all the honey I could gather and sell. This year none. Last year late October, eggs were plenty. As weather changes.... nothing for over a month.

Could be me... Most likely it's just what it is. Life. Weather. Animals. Ages. Farming. Nothing is ever the same every year. The only constant in farming is change.

It is helpful to learn other farms are facing the same challenges. No one it seems in my area pulled honey this last flow. Good to know. Many chickens in the area aren't laying. And so on..

To help get me thru this downtime, luckily, I have other options for income..

I have 'soap. note cards and art for sale.'

I also have a 'Zazzle' page where t-shirts, pillows, mugs, banners, posters, stickers - can be great stocking stuffers. There is some fun stuff up on that site. If you want something but don't see it, email me and I'll create it.

And, if in the future you hear of someone needing 'designwork, pass my name on.

I love what has been created here. Proud of it. And the passion I have for the goats is immeasurable.  But, sometimes the art and design need to step up and get us thru.

Remember to support your farmers this holiday season. Buy local. Buy hand crafted, artisan and made with love products.

Note cards. New design for Bee lovers.

Artwork for sale 8x10 aprox. size.

Always busy here even if I'm not milking. Making signs for next year.

Goodness Gracious More...

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