Promoting the dairy goat for me is a big deal. Stereotypes abound. Myths. Non truths.
Here are a few Interviews, articles, and blog posts about goats and GGA, and related activism.

New Times - Broward Palm Beach-2016

Best farms in Palm Beach.

PBS Victory Gardens TV show-2015
Edible Feast came out to do shoot this segment about Palm Beach.

Florida Weekly Article March 2014

Libby Volges Photography-January, 2014
Libby spent a morning on the farm.

FTCLDF- September, 2012
More about our Palm Beach zoning ordinance and defeat (ie. Status quo)

blog post - June, 2012
Earth day celebration at Bedner's Farm

Palm Beach Post- November, 2011
Holiday Gift Buying Guide- "Buy Local, by Locals"

Palm Beach Post- October, 2011
 Photos while giving a milking demonstration at Heritage Hen Farm

Sun Sentinel- October, 2011
Raw milk is controversial....everywhere,0,7597300.story

Palm Beach Post-July, 2011
Soaps and goats

County Fairs USA interview by phone 2010 about the South Florida Fair and goats in general.

Parenting Plus magazine Article 2011

Patty Khuly from- VetMD

Jessica's from- Living life al a Fin Du Farm

Goodness Gracious More...

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