2012 Ft. Pierce Green Market Day

What an amazing journey I'm on. ...

 The farm ~Goodness Gracious Acres came about after my first purchase of some goats. Samson and Delilah to keep my horses company. They were just amazing. I drove 10 hours to go pick them up. And I bottle fed them, what an eye opener.

Delilah is still my herd queen. She has been my teacher, friend, loyal employee, doting mother, milker extraordinaire, and major pain in the butt. She is the most vocal, and her personality resounds. She has a great work ethic. And is a strong and stout girl. 

The goats take up 90% of my life. The care and husbandry is daunting. And anyone getting into goats should realize these are NOT easy animals to have. Not if you plan to do it right. I LOVE the challenge of dairying, and goats in general. Nubians are the most challenging of all the breeds and why i'm attracted to them.

My life is surrounded by animals. Parrots in the house. Bunnies. Pot belly pig. Miniature horse. Chickens. Turkeys. Dogs. Cats. At this time the goats pay for themselves and the care and feeding of the rest. The sale of soap, milk, or cheese is how we can keep all these animals.

I have a passion for all things creative. I have been in the design and advertising field for over 20 years as art director, creative director, graphic designer... My office is here at home. This is what pays the bills. Periodically, my work pops up on this blog, but mostly its about the animals, and to document  life at GGA and this amazing journey I'm taking with my goats.

My passion for the goats are what keep me laughing, wake up at ungodly hours, keeps me from being totally irresponsible, and grounds me. It teaches me patience. Working in Corporate America never did. And so very lucky I can work and play intertwined like this.

Delilah's Dairy started when the goats milk got too much. Oh, do I loathe throwing away surplus. And started to look into selling milk, and learning to make soap. Delilah's Dairy Goat Milk Soap  is the dairy business name.

There it is my life in a nutshell. I'm a city girl gone country.  Simple living. Design maven. Resident goat milker. Maker of soap. Seems so simple in writing. There is nothing simple about raising animals. I just learned the more you do it the easier it looks.


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