Goats and Yoga

So the newest rage in urban to farm connections is "yoga with goats". I know you've seen all the YouTube videos.. It's cute. They're cuddly. Who wouldn't want to spend time with these lovely little creatures.  I, surely get a lot of emails asking me to bring my goats to a studio, or, I should have sessions here. um... yoga. me? lol... Yoga, me and the goats? even funnier....

But here is my latest response to a very nice and potentially money making offer. I had to say no. WHY?



My girls are 150lb- 175lbs. My yearlings 90-100lbs. My bottle babies? are already 30-45lbs... That right there is a deal breaker. Have you ever been hit in the nose or face or 'boobs' with one of these little scamps? i have. I just don't feel like taking that kind of chance. The fun part about these experiences are letting them jump on and play on you. My girls who by the time they are 40lbs are reprimanded to NOT jump on people. To not get too friendly putting feet up on chest and so on. WHY? because i don't want them learning this habit that when they are 150 lbs would knock a grown man off his feet.

The little Nigerian breeds or Pygmy's they're the ones that stay small and cute and less damage to a person is likely to happen.

Call me a bah-humbug... But, I don't think we will be doing any Yoga with goats here. At least not with my full size girls.

Sable says: " no goat yoga" She'd knock you on your butt in a heartbeat.

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