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Every year the kids at St. Andrews School (Boca Raton) hatch (or try to hatch) out eggs we give them in their embryology classes. I've written about them before, HERE. This year they hatched out all 12 of them. As promised, I keep a log of them as they grow. Here they are: 

Above is the photo card they sent me as a thank you! 
Can you see which chick became which pullet? 

I have two roosters here: One is a mutt. The other is a Black Copper Maran. You can see the influence each create. The maran gave me some beautiful dark colors. 

The colorings of these pullets are just extraordinary. 
I love it. 


  1. Hi Jojo! This is Tammy Forster, one of your Saint Andrew's First Grade Teachers! I am so excited to see your beautiful photos of our teenage chickens! Thank-you for posting them! Is that Snirt and Featherball on the bottom picture? Which 2 became roosters? The children were sure it was going to be the President (Is The President the third picture from the bottom?)! Did the yellow chicks grow up to have white feathers? Do any of them have a special marking, or an interesting personality? Do they follow you around? Do you have a favorite? I'll be writing to the children soon, so I'll pass along the information you give me, if you can! Thank-you again for allowing us to be part of this wonderful journey! It is a favorite, not only among the first graders, but in our entire school... especially with the addition of our "chick cam"! Thank-you for taking such good care of our "chickies"- we look forward to raising them again in February! We love you, Jojo! xoxo

  2. Dear Tammy,
    So many questions. lol. I must say that they never color out how you think they should. The blacks do normally stay black and the grey's stayed partially or mostly grey. But the yellow chicks all come out different. One of them is purely white, one is white with speckles and then one white with brown splotches... I can't recall which one the president became. She or he likely became one of the more colorful ones. There is only 2 roosters in the bunch.. So happy about that. AS last year when I hatched my own, 17 out of 22 were roosters. :( The one interesting aspect to the chicks you hatch out vs. me... is yours are always so friendly. They come running and jump on peoples laps.. They are so friendly... and yes, they follow me around... all the time....it's quite funny!! This is the first week i've let them out during the day... They're all doing great! Thank you for posting !!


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