extraordinarily blessed or good karma

I'm a firm believer that doing good comes back on you. I'm not so sure, when I hear people who use it negatively, as in Karma, will get them in the end, for all those terrible and negative people in the world. I think Karma is meant for do good, be good, receive in return.

Positivity thrown out into the world is far more productive then wishing ill on others. Maybe its like sound waves, they can bounce back. So, make sure its for wishing good, not bad.

I've had an extraordinarily blessed month here. Not in terms of income. The opposite. The months of June, July, August are brutal for this farm. The Snow birds are gone, the green markets over, and the only way to survive is creatively coming up with getting product sold. Creatively feeding animals, and/or going without....On the design front, slow as well. Summer is a time for slowing down and enjoying the outdoors, for most of the country. In Florida, its just avoid the outdoors, altogether. I look forward to September every year. And when everyone starts to think about whats next!

As the school year is starting again, so are the orders, customers coming back from wherever they were, and my emails are full of "whatcha got? " August is that one last hump to get over...

Two things that I won't get too specific about - Karma brownie points coming back, me thinks. This one particular piggy shows up and well....Sweet pea needed spaying. Whether she was staying here or going to a new home there was NO WAY she was leaving here again un-spayed. But the window shrinks the older she gets. I have no cash for doing this... I asked and received. Humbling. And forever grateful to those that did help. (full account on Facebook)

My FPL bill was just out of control high. Still is. And it was snowballing. I don't know how to solve it...But for some reason the Utility gods came down and just wiped it away. I qualified for some grant help and well....  Totally grateful and again humbled by the help. It doesn't solve the problem of high bills. But, it helped me not have to decide feed the animals or feed the monster. Thank you!

Mortgages, ugh! what a nightmare they are. And trying to get it modified? 3 years in the making. Yes, 3 years and 6 applications later.  Finally, getting in on a trial period and the company so far is holding steady. The process is not easy. I had to make a decision at one point to stop paying and that is when I realized all could be lost. But there came a point where I just said FU and that the rising costs of everything ie. insurances, taxes, escrow increasing something had to give. I'm still in the modification "trial" period. But hoping the final contracts come back soon... Hopeful and thankful. (btw mortgages both first and second halved) woot!

The goats... wow. Love my girls. I think they are just doing awesome in this heat. They are consistently producing and we need to thank a certain 'farm girl' that helps out and makes sure the water buckets are always clean and their owner (me) stays on track... In the heat of the summer going into the next kidding season if the girls aren't looking too good this is when I would start considering drying them up. This year I'm going to keep it going to December. Last year I was being rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendix bursting. The year before we just couldn't get a handle on the heat and parasites. This year we're ahead of the eight ball. And with all the issues tackled, I'm hoping we roll into the winter still fat and ready to kid...

This is just one of those posts I want to put down on paper to say Thank you! to the people, friends, universe, karma.... and say to those that wish bad on others, don't. Karma is for good. Wish good things, do good things, and see if the universe shows you some kindness in return. Well, that is how I like to think about it. There are so many more things to be thankful about but i'll stop with these four biggies.

Thank you!

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