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Lots and lots of them were born. Starting January 15  and the last one born February 12. All healthy. Beautiful. Easy births. (<> relief always).  All testing my nerves and ready to be sold. We had 7 girls / 6 boys. Purebred Nubians. 1 purebred Lamancha. And some wombats. 


I'm not sure where I heard them first called this. But it stuck. This is where the Lamancha female bred to the Nubian male. OR Lamancha male bred to the Nubian female. Still registrable with pedigree under 'Experimental'. And they can be shown in the Recorded grade classes at ADGA Dairy Goat Shows. Ok  so maybe Wombat isn't a good term. More like Lubians. Or Numancha. Either or these experimentals are going to be something! I guess the thinking is since they are an outcross you get the best of both breeds, more so then the worst.

a wombat

Wombat in action.

Gottta love the ears though!
 Can always find more photos on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/delilahsdairy

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