Handbag Art Design

Every year I try something new to create some kind of 'value' added income. This year I stumbled on these burlap bags by mistake. And an idea was born. It starts out with a freehand black marker. and some colored markers. And I just start doodling.

Then It's just a matter of picking the colors that strike the mood. 
Usually its complementary colors. Though love the Pink / Greens next to each.
The bags are bright, fun, colorful and useful. It's art on the go.

A Close up of a pattern on the Burlap.

These bags are pretty sturdy and big. This is the bottom of the bag.

Inside lining and details.

 Left size 22 inches. Right size 20 inches.

 They take between 6-9 hours to complete depending on how intricate.
Each bag design is different / unique. I sign each one.
There are some repeating themes - love the sun and heart shapes. And the free flow of it all.
It's turned into an evening calming effect, after a full day of farm work.

The quality of the bag itself is pretty nice its cotton lined on the inside.
Next up is photographing all and putting up on Etsy.
And see how they do there.
 3 different size bags are available.

Link to my Etsy shop.

Goodness Gracious More...

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