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Last Month we had a farm day, Open house from 3 pm to 5 pm. It wasn't the first of its kind here and surely won't be the last. We've had open houses here before, but the difference this time was that other farmers/artisan's were invited to come and talk about their products and what they sell, and educate too. Local Farmers. Produce, honey, mead, baker of desserts. We even had a local Celebrity book writer Ron Wiggins here to sign his book.

It wasn't elaborate, or fancy, just cleaned up the goats a bit, invited a few people, put up a few tables and tents, and the rest took care of itself.

These events are important. It's important for people to see what CAN be done on a small plot of land out here. So many times I get the comment, 'you're not a farm', "your property is too small to be productive", and so on... It really annoys! Because, once you come, visit, see how it all works, buy product made right here, I think those types of comments disappear. 

There isn't anything special done. I keep some of the girls from the morning milking so that we have milking demonstrations. The paddocks are cleaned up a bit and opened for all to walk thru, meeting all the animals. the good, bad, and ugly! Though the bad are locked up. ie. tom- my ever loving, must attack small children turkey.  Can't help it as he ages, he just gets crotchety. And signs put up 'enter at your own risk'...  And then we welcome anyone interested to walk around. See the coops. Pet a goat. Watch a milking demonstration. Ask questions. Buy product.

At one point someone mentioned over 200 people showed up. I doubt. But, it was busy, crowded, and all product gone in less then 2 hours. It was a busy day. I usually have a sore throat afterwards from talking so much. But it is well worth it. It is so VERY worth it. I love it. And hopefully, we'll have another one soon.  Find me on Facebook Its where I would keep you posted on the next one. 

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