Rainy Days..

I love rainy days.

...But not for the reasons you think. First, I love them because its almost a day off. ...Almost.

It's raining, why muck? Dump the water? Rake? Clean? shovel? Sweep?  Why? its got to stop or you're just wasting time.

Granted, I still need to feed and milk.  And It's a bit of a challenge doing this in the rain. It's so sporadic, never rains much for a full day -that we in Florida don't have feed bins under cover, or hay. Its just never really been an issue in the 20 years i've been throwing hay to my animals. But milking can get problematic. How do I get the goats to walk in the rain to the house to get milked? 

But yes, later or tomorrow there will be double the work. But who cares, today, It's raining and i'm going to read a book, make some cheese, and worry about the mess tomorrow.

Of course, no one visits on rainy days. I don't blame them. Its pretty yuk out there. 

Yuk! Muck!

So, I thought I'd bring the farm to you on these rainy days. This way you can think of me tomorrow when its nice and sunny and a mess for me to clean up.

Goats don't like getting wet. They REALLY REALLY don't like getting their feet wet. See the stepping stones? The board? They walk and hop till they hit dry land.

The babes are under cover. Last night as it rained, luckily rained, up and down. If it was a sleeting rain, they'd be drenched and i'd be drying them off in the house.

Amazingly, they all seem to get along in the rain. and hunker down in the stalls.

Chickens are another story! They LOVE the after rain. Brings all the bugs to the surface and its FEAST time. I don't need to feed on rainy days. There  ya go another reason why I love rainy days.

This is a minor rain. See all the muckity muck? 

Can you find the scaredy cats? Kiwi is a big baby with thunder. See Cyrano next to her popping his head out? They won't come out of there till the sun is shining and the ground is DRY.

Wet chicken !! Reminds me of wet dog.  This crew can't understand why I won't let them in the house. Well... just like the wet dog? They come in, THEN shake off all the mud.

Just a note: I've put these signs up in the past few months. Just in case. People don't realize i have an attack turkey. ... If you're a farm and allow visitors to your farm, and think nothing will ever happen, think smart, and cover yourself in case of something that hopefully will never happen... but if it does? Be prepared. 

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