Chicks and Kids (the human variety)

I love what I do.

I wonder how many times I can start a post with that sentiment, 
without people thinking {gah} ...

They hatched the Black Maran, Americauna, Leghorn, Jersey Giant eggs.

Teaching all the kids about hatching, why different colored eggs, what makes an egg become a chick. and so on...

What a nice setup.

Last month I received a phone message. Normally, I don't call anyone back ever, with regard to farm stuff, (email me), but this time so glad I did. {guess I should answer the phone more often, huh?} .... A sweet and very bubbly lady on the line {Ms. Gray} talking about chicks, and kids, and incubating, and 'in a bind', and no one would help her, and driving to Broward ... {me thinking broward?? to get some fertilized eggs?} ... Well come on over and i'll see who is laying and we'll chat more about what it is your trying to do....

She was at my door within the hour.

Ms. Gray is the first grade teacher at St. Andrews School in Boca Raton. She wanted to do a few weeks teaching development, incubation, life, where things come from, and so on. Could she have a few eggs to hatch out in the classroom? If they hatched would I take them back? Of course. Why wouldn't I?

One of the things I've learned is once a chicken actually lays, sits, and hatches one of her eggs, sees the beauty of what comes from it, guess what she always wants to do with her eggs? ...  yup ... Hatch them out. Broody hens. ok. Hens that go broody and hide themselves, their nests and eggs, are a danger to her, and a nuisance for me, and no eggs for you! I would be constantly hunting for eggs.

To me this is a great idea... win, win. I get hatched out chicks from the girls I want to breed. I don't have to worry about all the incubating and turning and monitoring for Humidity...{like i don't have enough things to do here}....so i said...

... Sure, If they hatch out, 
bring them back.

And well ... they did ... 

To be honest, I didn't think they'd be successful most farmers have such a difficult time of it, how in the world could a bunch of first graders pull this off? Awesome! is all I can say about that!

Yesterday, Ms. Gray delivers 4 chicks with feed to keep them happy. A thank you card from the kids {so darn cute and thoughtful}. And the story of how Coffee, Oreo, Snowy and Stripes came to be!

Here is the front of the thank you card.

And inside. All the kids signed it. 
How special!

Thank you Ms. Gray. 
Thank you St. Andrews first graders.

- for the card ...
 - making me smile 
- helping the farm grow 
- keeping the chicks safe

These chicks in 7 months will start laying 
and will be productive layers on the farm. 

What a fun end to the week.

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