My life as a Turkey- Documentary worth watching!!


If you have been here, you've met Bob and Tom.. my two turkeys I took in as pullets. I think this documentary is extraordinary and gives only a glimpse into how spectacular these wild birds really are.  And the journey this naturalist took with them.

I've had so many adventures with my boys, I'm laughing as I write this...  But nothing like Joe Hutto  and what he immersed himself in. What a great hour. Makes me want to go outside and hug Bob and thank him for sticking around all these years. It's going on 6 he's been here. Tom died a couple of years ago. Go watch!

Click on this link: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/my-life-as-a-turkey/full-episode/7378/

bob always was the sweet faced one. Tom a little on the mean boy side. Tom is displaying here.

So true what is discussed in the documentary. I could distinctly tell them apart by look and by their personalities.

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