In the down time with the goats (which is about now till February) What to do. what to do... I know... Keep bees..... Seemed simple enough.....Well that is how it started. 

It is fast becoming an extremely timely, fun, fascinating endeavor. And the timely part is only because i'm totally enamored with them. Every morning I grab my coffee, and go sit on the stump by the entrance to the hive. Before feeding the goats. **gasp**

2 months ago I decided after going to Bee college and a couple of other seminars, it was time to start.  Luck would have it a small swarm showed up at a friends house. They brought the swarm box, and we transferred them into a nuc box for about 3 weeks. Till the started to draw some comb. and sure they would stick around. 

Last Sunday, I took the frames from the nuc box (small white 5 frame box)  and put them in their new forever home.

Meet the ladies.

I'm starting with a deep here, but I want 8 mediums from now on.

Busy as a bee .... NO Kidding! This is only 4 weeks in their new hive and there are 3 full frames like this.

Yes that's me. A bit overkill on the suit and gloves. They're very docile bees.
Look where Thatcher is, he has learned to stay back.

Looking pretty good. Found the queen. She's purdy. They're making brood, honey, nectar.
Have already capped one full frame of honey. and there are two frames of brood.

This is the original nuc box. And the proximity to the house.

I fed them for about 4 weeks till I read up more and decided not to.

What?!? Hive is sitting in style.

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  1. Looks good! I'm still debating whether or not to have bees. And I'd be dressed just as much if not more as you, I'm such a wuss when I get stung!


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